Visual Storytelling: Tips from Photographer Laura Cook


I love learning photography with WordPress! Oh you’re the best!

Originally posted on The Daily Post:

There’s a difference between photography and visual storytelling. You can easily take a photograph, but not all photographs tell rich stories.

You’ve heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” many times, right? As a photographer, I believe this is true when we dedicate ourselves to seeking out images that really tell a story.

We often take images that are part of a set or portfolio, but it’s also important to seek out pictures that can stand alone — that invite you in and make you feel like part of one particular story. Our camera is a tool we use to tell that story, to capture not only a moment in time but also something bigger.

Laura Cook is a humanitarian and travel photographer who spends most of her year in Sierra Leone, West Africa. She loves meeting new people, and through her work, strives to highlight human dignity amid life’s struggles.

Laura blogs at The…

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The Web is Your Oyster: Where to Find Free-to-Use Images


sharing this to the people I care about: YOU.

Originally posted on The Daily Post:

For many of you, images are an integral part of your site. But sometimes, you might not have the right photograph to use for a post. As we’ve mentioned before, you can use the Creative Commons to search for images you need across the web, from Flickr to Wikimedia Commons, and source and attribute images that you find.

This spring, announced embed support for Getty Images, which means you can also access and share photos from Getty’s extensive library for non-commercial use.

We’ve recently noticed other sites that compile great images that are free to use for your personal projects — like your blog — or commercial work. Let’s take a peek.

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Choosing the Perfect Blog Name: Two WordPressers Share Their Secrets

Originally posted on The Daily Post:

We discover different types of blogs in our community, from travel to food to parenting, with memorable and clever names. You may notice that a number of blogs on have unique web addresses, or custom domains: instead of, their address is Bloggers get custom domains for different reasons, but ultimately, it’s a great way to build and solidify your presence across the Internet. You can register a new domain through; you can also use a domain you already own with your site, which is called domain mapping.

A crucial step before purchasing a custom domain is deciding on the right name for your blog. Since selecting a name that best reflects your content is so important, we wanted to share insights from two writers on — Sarah and “C.J.’s Mom” — on how they ended up with names they were happy with.

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On Fatherhood


if only the father of my sons would blog, I know this is how he’ll write too. But to him writing or blogging is just that.

Originally posted on Sunsets and Pancakes:

Even after over four months, it’s still difficult to wrap my head around. The fact that I’ve created a tiny human being and now have to guide her through this life, make sure she has everything she ever needs, and place her in the best position to flourish – mentally, spiritually, physically, in every possible way. At times, it seems unconquerable.

I often think back on all of those articles we read, all of those classes we attended, and all of those questions we asked while Mackenzie was still brewing. All silliness. Not a single thing in this world can prepare you for becoming a parent for the first time. Nothing.

When you have a child, you lose a part of yourself. Video games now mean absolutely nothing to me. A weekend is just a two-day period when I don’t have to be equally engrossed in my career. Any romantic…

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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,500 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

My New Blog

Good eve! How was your New Year everyone? I hope you all had your New Years’ Resolutions in a list! Oh I have to keep this post short because I am still busy and a bit hung over with my vacation. So…

I am finally introducing to you my new blog: Ramblings of Jen . I can’t wait to hang out with you guys with the new blog I made. I haven’t been posting there lately because of one reason: I can’t officially say goodbye to this blog. But today, I decided I had to let go, move on, and go forward with it. So, see you there! More follows for my new blog!! :) Let’s keep in touch through there, yes? :) Mwuahh hugsss…


Just Dropped By.

I have started a new blog and I will leave the guessing to you, my fellow readers. :) It’s also a WordPress site so you don’t have to worry. We can still follow each other around, and it’s not that hard to find me. :)
Anyways, I apologize for my absence these past few days. My mind is occupied by plans, budgets, and more plans. As you well know, December is the busiest of the holidays. There’s Christmas, and my baby Sieg’s birthday, and need to buy gifts, prepare food, clothes, and a lot more!


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